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A few years ago, we started looking for tour operator software that would manage our bookings and integrate with core marketing initiatives. Our current reservation system was getting more and more unstable. On top of that, our one-man developer team had just suffered a mid-life crisis and decided to go into the business of selling anti-aging products. Needless to say, we needed change.

We had also started a new business, Moab Adventure Center. We operated about every type of day tour in Moab, Utah. Our reservations were all on paper. We were doing about 5,000 guests per year and as we were grew, our paper process was getting unreliable. In addition to frequent mistakes, we also had no way to do anything with our guest information because it wasn't in a database.

We needed tour operator software that would solve our problems. I made a long list of functionality I wanted. This included much more than just "make reservations." Here are a few of the items from the list:

I couldn't find any tour operator software that did all this. I started talking to other tour operators and found they had similar challenges in finding tour operator software that fit their business. We decided to put together a team of developers to build a complete tour operator system. It was to be both reservation software AND a marketing system. We called it "Res-Mark." As the marketing features of the tour operator software were implemented, we immediately began seeing a difference.

The results were exciting! Using Resmark was like having another employee or two out there doing all this work. And with several advances since then, Resmark is now making our social media efforts so much easier and more effective. Overall, Resmark is now the key ingredient in our marketing strategy.

Resmark Systems Today

Today, Resmark Systems is used by tour operators ranging in size from 1 user to 50+ users. Companies of all sizes are seeing results. Check out some of the tour reservation system reviews from Resmark clients.