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Resolutions for More Effective Marketing

Marketing within the tourism industry is full of new opportunities. These opportunities bring new challenges. Your customers need greater personalization and more engagement through social media. There are more options to reach customers than ever before. How can you most effectively spend your time and marketing dollars in 2011? Join Brandon Lake, founder of Resmark Systems as he incorporates examples from leading tour operators and discusses 5 New Year's Resolutions for more effective marketing and sales in 2011.

In this Webinar, you'll find out how you can:

About Resmark Systems

Resmark provides reservation and marketing solutions for tour operators such as online reservations with social media integration, lead generation with automatic follow-up, customer service tools that enhance the reservation process, and much more. Here are some comments from a few tour operators using Resmark Systems.

"Reduce Payroll Costs and Frustration"

"If you're a tour operator thinking about Resmark, get it. I have done the research. It can reduce your payroll costs, increase your sales, reduce frustration, and allow you to have some life outside of work."

Eason Bryan, Owner
ZipQuest | North Carolina | 3 Users

"One of the Best Decisions We've Ever Made!"

"We had a 68.3% increase in online sales in the first year using Resmark. Choosing this system has been one of the best decisions we've ever made!"

Sutton Bacon, CEO
Nantahala Outdoor Center | North Carolina | 61 Users

"Invaluable in Starting our Business"

"Having Resmark Systems when we started our tour business has been invaluable. Resmark was like a consultant in helping us organize and market our tours."

Dave Pond, Owner
Long Point Eco Adventures | Ontario, Canada | 3 Users

"Automatic Emails are the Best Thing Ever!"

"Your automatic payment collection and customer service emails are the best thing ever invented!"

Nicole Yezierski, Office Manager
Zoar Outdoor | Massachusetts | 37 Users

"50% Less Time Handling Reservations!"

"We saw an increase in business immediately after implementing the Resmark Software. We now spend 50 percent less time handling reservations!"

Donna Hunter, General Manager
Mariah Wilderness Expeditions | California | 2 Users

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About Brandon Lake

Brandon LakeAfter working in sales and marketing for 2 of the largest corporations in America, Brandon has spent the last 10 years as Director of Marketing and now Vice-President of Western River Expeditions, one of the nation's leading adventure travel operators.  During this time, Brandon co-founded Moab Adventure Center in Southern Utah. Together with a talented team of guides and staff, he grew this new venture to a multi-million dollar tour company in just a few years.  Then in 2005, sensing an overwhelming need for technology that could help his own companies and the general industry operate and sell more efficiently,  Brandon founded Resmark Systems. 

Today, Resmark is currently used by tour companies throughout North America. To learn more about how tour operators are using Resmark Systems, register for the webinar now »