5 Ways To Let Your Customers Know You’ve Switched To An Online Reservation System

Jenny Greenwood  |  May 18th, 2010

​So you’re thinking about switching to an electronic reservation system where your clients can make reservations through your website.

However, you’ve been doing reservations by phone for years and you’re not exactly sure how to let them know? Making a change to offering online reservations provides a great opportunity to increase bookings. Here are 5 ways to let your customers know that you’ve switched to an online reservation system:

1. Twitter – if you have a Twitter account, be sure to "tweet" about your new web based reservation system and be sure to provide a link to the URL where the reservation system can be found. You may want to tweet the message multiple times for a month or so – just in case people miss it.

2. Facebook – if you have a Facebook account, be sure to post status updates about the new reservation system that you have available.

3. Email – if you have an e-mail database you can send out an e-mail blast alerting everyone to this new tool available on your website – again, be sure to provide a direct link, so people can check it out. You might consider a discount or added value for booking online rather than over the phone.

4. Email signatures – if you have a number of employees that interact with your clientele on a daily basis – have them add something to their email signatures such as "book online," "new online reservation system," or "check availability anytime online." Link the text to your res system page.

5. Your Blog – if you have a blog, you might want to do 3-4 posts about the new system and all that it can do – as well as how it will make your customers’ lives easier. Perhaps offer them a discount code if they book online and make reservations by a certain date.

Depending on your business, you might even consider sending out mailers, alerting folks. Most clients will immediately appreciate the added convenience of an online reservation system.

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