Adventure Travel Marketing Summit Begins Today

Chip Broyles  |  October 6th, 2011

Space is indeed limited, so get moving and get involved!

Resmark’s 2011 Online Travel Marketing Summit kicks off later today with the first installment of it’s 5-part webinar series dedicated to the adventure travel industry and it’s unique sales and marketing needs.

This year’s summit has been dubbed "The Fall Super Series" because of the incredible lineup of guest speakers and panelists from around the country who specialize in sales and marketing within the world of adventure travel outfitters and tour operators.

Today’s inaugural hour-long session is entitled "Travel Websites That Sell: 5 Ways to Kick Up Your Online Mojo" and already has well over 70 tour operators and outfitters from around the world tuning in ‘enhance their mojo.’ Yah, baby.

Brandon Lake, founder of Resmark Systems said, "Because of our unique connection to the outdoor travel world through our reservations and marketing software designed specifically for tour operators, we’re able to bring these experts together for a fantastic webinar series that tour operators of all types can benefit from."

The series is free to all participants and consists of 5 hour-long sessions spread out over the next few weeks, the first one beginning today, at 1:00 PM Eastern time.

Anyone interested can sign up directly here or check out the description of the whole 5-part series on the Resmark Systems website by going to this link:

Space is indeed limited, so get moving and get involved!

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Chip Broyles

Chip Broyles

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