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Brandon Lake  |  February 14th, 2011

Travel, Tweets & Trends

In the whitepaper, Travel, Tweets & Trends, the chart below shows that adventure travel companies are doing a good job of connecting with current customers using social media.

social media chart

However, the study points out that many companies make the mistake of thinking that social media is free or inexpensive.

"One of the great fallacies of social media is that its inexpensive. It’s not inexpensive, it’s ‘different expensive’. Capital outlay and advertising expense is replaced by time. Labor is by far the biggest social media expenditure. These findings indicate that once companies have the basics covered, they move into the even more time intensive social media tactics, such as interacting with customers on a near 1:1 basis (we’re back to the basics of human interaction), and social media listening."

So the trick to finding the time to interact with customers is to automate the basics so that employees spend less time building awareness and more time interacting with customers one on one. It is important to have a travel booking system that can send out personalized emails automatically. Some of them could remind customers to tweet about their recent trip or put a posting on their Facebook page.

Or the extra time could be spent writing a blog.

"One tool tour operators are perhaps not embracing with sufficient vigor is blogging. Only 53 percent of companies have a blog today. Facebook is faster than doing so via a blog. However, the inherent permanence and searchability of blog content makes it a critically important tactic." Having travel booking software that will automatically reach out to your travelers and encourage them to post on your blog can be incredibly effective.

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Brandon Lake

Brandon Lake

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