Campground Reservation Solutions

Jenny Greenwood  |  May 24th, 2010

​In the winter as you look over your empty, quiet campground, are you thinking about the summer rush?

Probably not, but even in the off season with campground reservation software you can start controlling the bookings of what will hopefully be part of a very busy summer season.

Internet reservation software would have built up a database for you of the people that used your campground last season. This database would have their email addresses and other information so that you can send out reminders to them. Often a campground owner might want to send an offer to a returning camper such as a certain percentage off. At the same time, you might encourage your past clients to refer friends that like to camp and perhaps haven’t been in your recreational area.

A Reservation System is convenient for your clients. As they sit down to make their travel plans, they will be looking up various scenic areas online. Then, of course, they will look for nearby campgrounds and they will be more likely to make a reservation right there online if the campground offers that service.

Campgrounds fill up in the summer and online reservation software can keep you aware of your booking progress with automatic reports. It also makes a database and you will have information on people that you had to turn away for a particular date and can contact them and invite them for an alternate date.

Jenny Greenwood

Jenny Greenwood

Jenny is currently their VP of Misc Stuff. She enjoys sleeping, building things and solving puzzles.