Effective… and Not So Effective Email Marketing

Resmark’s automated email will change your life.

Delta airlines does some fantastic marketing. They just gave the Delta.com website a nice facelift and they’ve just integrated the "Ticket Window" that allows customers to book their flights entirely through facebook. In light of all this great marketing, I received an email from Delta the other day that struck me as, well, not so effective.

Here it is. See if you can spot the problems.

Delta Example

Did you see any problems? There are 2 primary issues here. First, and perhaps less importanly, the email is sent to my son, Ethan, instead of me. Not a really big deal, but perhaps avoidable.

The second issue. I live in Salt Lake City. Delta knows this, yet the email displays one fare from Salt Lake City. It even reads, “Don’t see your city? No problem.” But isn’t it a problem? If I’m going to purchase some low fare on impulse, it’s not going to be from Atlanta to Memphis. If I were instead presented with a list of great fares to locations all over departing from Salt Lake City, maybe we’d spring for a quick weekend getaway. It would even be more effective if somehow Delta knew when I was thinking of traveling and where.

Here’s a more effective example from Orbitz of the exact same thing, but much more effective.

Orbitz Example

So what does this mean for you? Do you send blast emails to people who want to go hiking, but you instead send them an email about a biking tour? Do you know what your guests want to do?

Resmark Systems activity booking software makes it easy to send emails to people based on what they want to do and who they want to travel with. When Resmark generates a lead for you, the booking software actually finds out the interests of your potential customers. Resmark then tailors an automatic followup email to the person that fits perfectly with their interests. The result? Effective email marketing. More sales. Better customer service.

In the words of Resmark Systems user Erik Wieseth from Orange Torpedo Rafting Trips, "Resmark’s automated email will change your life."

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