Far Flung Outdoor Center joins Resmark Systems

Chip Broyles  |  July 9th, 2010

Learn about Far Flung and how they operate

Far Flung Outdoor Center, the premier outfitter in the Big Bend National Park area of West Texas, was formed in the Fall of 2001 after the merger of Texas River Expeditions, a highly respected river company that specialized in day trips and jeep tours, and Far Flung Adventures, a successful and well known multi-day river trip operation.

The joining of these two former competitors, both of which were started in the mid-1970s, has produced one consolidated operation focusing on “all things outdoors” in the mountains and canyon areas around, and within, ‘the Big Bend.’

Owners Greg and Valynda Henington each left their former careers as bankers to follow their dreams of working in the outdoors. A third partner, Mark Evans, continues to work full-time in Houston for Danka Corporation and serves as active member of the FFOC board of directors and assists in marketing efforts.

Far Flung Outdoor Center is open year round due to the excellent climate of far West Texas. They specialize in everything from family adventures, gourmet float trips with special ‘celebrity’ chefs, wine tasting trips, star parties at the McDonald Observatory, the second largest telescope in the world, and multi-day music trips featuring Texas folk music stars such as Butch Hancock, Steve Fromholz, Jerry Jeff Walker. They also offer guided and education centered day and overnight Jeep tours that provide the visitor with a better understanding of Big Bend and the surrounding Chihuahuan desert.

They are in the process of completing the building of 12 new guest cabins available for rental on their property near Terlingua, Texas.

With so many outdoor choices to offer their guests, and the addition of their new lodging facilities, Far Fling Outdoor Center knew they needed a multi-faceted and powerful reservation system. They turned to Resmark in the Spring of 2010 to answer those needs. Former America Outdoors Association President and Owner Greg Henington puts it this way, “We wanted to have a reservation system that covered all of our activities and be able to efficiently communicate with our customers about their trip using new technology.” Resmark System provides that technology.

Greg admits that they were initially hesitant a few years earlier to ask Resmark to join the FFOC team, partly because FFOC themselves were not quite ready for the change, and partly because Remark itself was fine tuning and enhancing some of it’s features. Once all the pieces fell into place, the decision to switch to Resmark was easy. “Resmark’s long term commitment to being a powerful force in the reservation industry is one reason why we jumped on board,” Greg says. “We wanted to tap into a better system that would allow us mine and market more efficiently to our database of potential customers and past guests,” he continues. Far Flung also looks to capitalize on Resmark’s unique and specialized automated email capabilities to provide better and more efficient communications with their guests.

With the addition of Resmark Systems Reservation Software and Marketing System to Far Flung Outdoor Center’s already successful operation, their solid foundation of educational outdoor programs and satisfied guests will most surely grow.

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Chip Broyles

Chip Broyles

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*All information is accurate as of July 2010.