Group Payments: Quickly and Easily

Colleen Tvorik  |  January 26th, 2015

​Resmark Systems is creating a buzz amongst clients after the Tour Operator Software's release of a new online payments feature.

The addition of a Make Payment button on the Guest Details webpage allows customers to process secondary payments anytime, anywhere!

With this feature, users of the Resmark Tour & Activity Booking Software will benefit from:

  • Improved workplace efficiency
  • Payment security
  • Customer convenience and confidence
  • Minimization of overdue payments

Whitewater Excitement was one of the clients eagerly awaiting the release of this new online payment functionality. The rafting company has been guiding guests down California's American River since 1978. Whitewater Excitement president and owner Norm Schoenhoff believes the new payment feature will drastically aid his customers and office staff alike.

"I'm super excited about this feature being realized into the reservation system. Resmark has hit a home run with this for sure!" said Schoenhoff.

Schoenhoff feels that where this payment feature will really be an asset to Whitewater Excitement customers is with large group reservations.

The ability to have our group organizers give the members of their group a link to the online payment page in our reservation system and have each of them go there to make an individual payment for their trip is huge," Schoenhoff said.

"It will dramatically reduce the need for them to call our office and give their credit card information over the phone. It'll also reduce the workload of the group organizer taking the payments him or herself, making it more attractive for them to be the organizer of a big group."

Future development on this feature includes a customized message to a reservation contact when a payment is made.

Another handy feature in development is the ability to offer a link to the Guest Details page within Resmark's email marketing program.

For more information on how to setup the Make Payment button on your Resmark Tour Reservation System contact Resmark Support at 801-733-9548 or

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Colleen Tvorik

Colleen Tvorik

Colleen is the Senior Manager of Business Development for Resmark Systems and WaiverSign. When she’s not working with our clients, she’s likely out in the mountains training for Ironman triathlons, cycling, trail running or skiing.
*All information is accurate as of January 2015.