How to Move Social Media to Social Commerce

Brandon Lake  |  March 23rd, 2011

Have you heard the new buzzword: Social commerce. I just read an article by Jacquie McCarnan, on Social Media Today and I think she has some good advice. Jacquie says the following:

"The new arm of social media is social commerce and you can bet your donkey (insert synonym here) that if you’re not addressing social commerce now you are doing your clients a disservice."

"For years we’ve all been going on and on about the power of the internet to reach people. Recently this awesome social media phenomenon has caused us all to get a glimpse at that power first-hand. When you look at examples of how "the little guy" has taken on huge corporations and won through the use of social media like youtube, you start to see just how powerful this tool is."

"Take Dave Carroll for example. Dave is a musician and a pretty good one. While on a flight from Halifax to Nebraska with a stop at Chicago’s O’Hare, Dave noticed the baggage handlers were tossing his Taylor guitar around. Let’s just say Dave was pissed. So much so, after receiving no satisfaction from customer ‘service’, that he wrote a song. A song that has received international acclaim and over 10 million hits!"

She goes on to say that marketers need to forget about selling people something and learn how to engage people; and engaging people will turn your social media efforts into social commerce, or in other words more business.

If you are an adventure travel vendor, there are lots of opportunities to capture engaging videos, some that are funny, and others that are just plain exhilarating to watch. If you are using tour booking software that can send automatic emails to clients or potential clients, you could proactively send engaging videos to multiple clients with the click of a button. And of course, you want to put them on YouTube and on your Facebook page, obviously a no brainer.

You might even want to run a contest with your customers, offering a prize for the funniest video. But all of this will take more time and money unless you can automate the campaign, so be sure to select tour operator software that enables social media interaction.

Here is what one customer says: "Resmark really gets it with social. They are constantly making improvements that have been the key to our success in this area. The past two years would not have been as successful without Resmark." Kevin Sisson, CIO, Natahala Outdoor Center.

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Brandon Lake

Brandon Lake

Brandon is the founder and CEO of RESMARK & WaiverSign. He also runs Western River Expeditions and Moab Adventure Center, two of the most successful tour businesses in America. Brandon loves cycling, skiing and traveling with his wife and 4 children.
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