How To Use Tour Reservation Software To Its Full Potential

Jenny Greenwood  |  May 18th, 2010

Have you considered having your reservations online so that your clients can make their bookings on your website?

Do you run a tour on a regular basis or even a seasonal one?

If you are a tour company, having a tour reservation form on your website is a terrific idea because:

1. With a tour reservation and booking system, your customers can make their bookings online and can be automatically notified that their reservation is confirmed.

2. Whether they make their tour reservation months in advance or days in advance, an email can be sent out to them reminding them of the tour and perhaps a quick helpful checklist of items they might want to bring along for the tour and you might even want to include a quick schedule of how the tour works, to get them excited about their upcoming adventure.

3. When the tour is said and done, you might consider sending them an e-mail through the tour reservation system database (which is created over time by having the reservation system online) offering them a discount for their next tour.

School groups, church groups, boy scout groups and the like will appreciate the reminders on a yearly basis.

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Jenny Greenwood

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