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Colleen Tvorik  |  September 20th, 2012

Resmark's newest online tour booking system to allow guests to book activities "self service" style

Located inside the Moab Adventure Center, this booking kiosk utilizes Resmark's newest online tour booking system to allow guests to book activities "self service" style.

The Resmark booking kiosk is much less expensive than traditional kiosks as it simply uses the touchscreen of an iPad to display available tours and allow guests complete a purchase. The reservation experience is designed to fit perfectly on the iPad screen, providing an easy and intuitive interface for users.

Moab Adventure Center decided to house the iPad in a large wooden cabinet to provide more prominence and the feeling of a kiosk, but the iPad or any tablet could be presented in a simple enclosure at a counter or on a wall as well.

This online booking kiosk offers a unique opportunity to capture the attention of guests who may not be ready to jump into a conversation about a tour or who may just prefer self service. With a growing trend towards self-service kiosks at airports and self-serve checkout at the grocery store, it's likely that more and more people will gravitate towards this method of purchase.

On busy days, the kiosk at Moab Adventure Center will act as an additional employee, allowing guests to bypass a line of people at the reservations desk. If a booking kiosk were housed outside the store, it could also serve as an after hours opportunity for people who stop by later in the evening to book a trip.

If you are interested in learning more about creating your own online booking kiosk or enclosures for your tablet , contact our support team at 801-733-9548.

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Colleen Tvorik

Colleen Tvorik

Colleen is the Senior Manager of Business Development for Resmark Systems and WaiverSign. When she’s not working with our clients, she’s likely out in the mountains training for Ironman triathlons, cycling, trail running or skiing.
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