Online Reservation Software Quick and Convenient Option for Customers

Brandon Lake  |  October 11th, 2011

Make trip planning easier with online reservation software

When modern travelers are making plans to hit the open road, or the airport, they want to be able to make their reservations quickly and conveniently. As they have become more comfortable using the Internet for everything from online banking to shopping and looking up maps and information, it makes sense to offer them the option of being able to use booking software that they can access quickly and conveniently.

According to the results of a study published by the American Affluence Research Center, 80 percent of consumers from the highest 10 percent of households in the United States used the Internet to make hotel reservations. Over half of the respondents owned two or more mobile devices, which would mean that smart phones and tablets are likely to be used for making last-minute plans while traveling. While a traveler may be able to make a same-day hotel reservation using his or her smart phone, a foreign visitor would have to plan details like overseas car insurance well in advance. The most economical way to arrange this necessary protection is to buy the policy before leaving home. Shopping around and comparing policy terms and rates before making a buying decision is the way to find the best combination of a good level of coverage at reasonable rates. Keeping coverage rates down means that travelers have more money they can spend on attractions and shopping once they arrive at their destination.

Trip Planning Made Easy

One of the challenges when a group of any size is trying to plan a trip is coordinating and tracking who has confirmed a reservation and who has yet to respond. With the help of booking software, guests can visit a website, make a reservation for the likes of accommodation and tours. Everything they need to make a booking will be conveniently displayed in one place, and the customer can choose to make several bookings simultaneously using this type of system.

Discounts are automatically calculated, if applicable. The booking software can be set up to accept a deposit or a full payment once the customer has provided his or her name and contact information. Any remaining balance is scheduled for automatic payment.

Use Social Media to Increase Bookings

Internet users are no longer just accessing the World Wide Web from desktop computers. They are on the go and used to giving and sharing information in short bursts. Social media has become an increasingly important part of many people's daily routine. They log into their Facebook and Twitter account daily, if not several times per week to keep in touch with friends and family.

The online activity booking software allows users to invite customers to invite their friends to join them using social media sites. Whether they are already discussing the upcoming trip through a Facebook group or on Twitter, this feature allows the invitee to be taken directly to the appropriate reservation screen in order for their order to be processed.

Higher Conversion Rates

Travelers like their smartphones and tablets and now that they have embraced the convenience of accessing information while they are on the move, they aren't likely to go back to the time when they had to stop and sit down at a desk to access the Internet. By making it easy for them to get online and make reservations in a way that is quick, convenient, and ties into the social media sites they are already using regularly, using specialized software will result in higher conversion rates.

Offering this option to customers will save time and help to keep labor costs down. Many consumers appreciate the opportunity to make reservations at any time of the day or night, and they like the flexibility of being able to access the tour booking system at a time that is convenient for them.

In a situation where a group wants to plan a trip, it makes sense to use this specialized tour booking software to keep track of all the arrangements. The more people who wish to attend, the more challenging it becomes to track all the attendees. Making reservations electronically is the thoroughly modern way to go, and making sure that websites are mobile-friendly is an important part of the picture in keeping conversion rates up.

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Brandon Lake

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