Resmark Welcomes New Client Alaska Galore Tours

Colleen Tvorik  |  December 29th, 2014

Resmark looks forward to working with Alaska Galore

Resmark Systems Tour Reservation System welcomes a new client in Juneau, Alaska. Alaska Galore Tours and their partner Harv and Marv's Outback Alaska have set up their Resmark Tour Reservation System in time to hit the ground running at the start of new year!

Resmark looks forward to working with the Alaska Galore team through internal and online reservations, enhanced reporting, lead management and marketing assistance.

Alaska Galore Tours

Owner Jamie Letterman noted that 2015 will mark the 10th season of chartering whale watching cruises for Harv and Marv's.

After going live with Book Now buttons just this week, Letterman and her staff are excited to see guests already having the opportunity to find available tours and book online.

As a Travel & Tour Booking System, Resmark's intuitive reservation system specializes in a quick and simple mobile reservation process. In Juneau, Letterman and her staff are excited to take advantage of that aspect of Resmark.

"We are hoping for increased bookings, a more efficient process, better reports and guests being able to book whenever is convenient for them without having to call or email," Letterman said.

For additional information on how the Resmark Systems Activity & Tour Booking System can offer a seamless reservation process – request a demo or call 888-RESMARK.

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Colleen Tvorik

Colleen Tvorik

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