Tour Booking: Advertising Effectiveness

Jenny Greenwood  |  October 1st, 2011

Using Resmark Tour Booking Software, you can easily track how effective your advertising campaigns are.

During the course of making a reservation with Resmark Systems tour booking software the question is asked, "How did you hear about us?" How can you use this information to improve your marketing efforts?

Running the Advertising Effectiveness report will help you determine how effective an advertising source is in terms of lead generation and sales and show you how cost effective your advertising source is.

To run the Advertising Effectiveness report, open Resmark and login.

  1. Click Reports | Sales & Marketing | Advertising Effectiveness.
  2. Select the Division you want to filter the report on.
  3. Enter a From Reservation Date and To Reservation Date. This will filter the report to only show reservations or inquiries taken in the specified time frame.

What do the numbers mean?

  • Source – The source will display the items you have setup for advertising types and sources in marketing setup.
  • Leads – When a certain source is associated with an inquiry, it will be counted in the leads column of the report.
  • Sales – The sales column will display the number of reservations associated with a certain source. If a lead is converted to a reservation, it will appear in both the lead and sale columns.
  • Conversions – When a lead results in a reservation it is counted as a conversion. This column is calculated by Reservations divided by Leads. The number may be over 100% if some reservations did not start as leads.
  • Cost – The cost column will display the cost associated with providing this advertising type. Advertising costs are taken from marketing setup.
  • Revenue – Shows the item cost including options, fees and taxes less any discounts given.
  • ROI – Return on Investment is calculated as shown.

Using Resmark Tour Booking Software, you can easily track how effective your advertising campaigns are.

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