Tour Operator Tip: 6 Ways to Measure Social Media ROI

Brandon Lake  |  September 6th, 2011

What’s working for you in social media and how are you measuring it?

Karen returns from an unforgettable South African adventure. She posts a new photo album on her facebook page, tweets a note about your company to her 827 followers, and replies to an emailed survey to give you some feedback about the trip. A few days later, in her newsfeed, she finds a recent post of a YouTube video featuring Patagonia, a new destination offered by your company, and the social parade marches on…

How do we quantify all that? It’s easy to think in terms of "likes" or revenue generated, but a lot of areas are touched by guest interaction with social media. A chart from a recent study by Altimeter Group shows 6 areas we might include as objectives in our social media strategy.

Social Media ROI
Check out the full report here. Susan Etlinger outlines some excellent steps to help plan your business objectives and measurement program that led to a desired and planned outcome.

Resmark Systems tour booking system can certainly be an incredible tool in your social media strategy. As you refine your plans, use Resmark to engage with your customers throughout the important travel phases of dreaming, planning, going and returning.

What’s working for you in social media and how are you measuring it?

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Brandon Lake

Brandon Lake

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