Tour Operator Tip: Responding to Inquiry Notifications

What are you doing to make the most use of your inquiry notifications?

Resmark’s tour booking system generates leads online. When a lead is created online, a few questions are asked that help create a profile for the lead. One of the question fields allows the person to enter some comments. If a web visitor fills out the comments field, you will receive an email notification.

The only time you receive these email notifications from Resmark is when the person leaves a comment in the online inquiry form. If a person does not leave a comment, you don’t get an email notification. Resmark’s automated follow-up system simply takes care of them.

But, if a person decides to leave a comment, they may be asking a question or providing some helpful insight that lends itself to a personalized follow-up.

If this occurs, you should immediately send a personal email reply. Of course, not every Resmark inquiry notification requires a follow-up. If a person leaves a comment such as, “Looking forward to my tour” or “Thanks,” then delete the notification and let Resmark follow-up with them automatically.

Will you receive replies to your automated follow-up emails? If the point of your email is to start a conversation, I sure hope so. When a personal conversation starts, use the profile tab in Resmark to stop additional automated follow-up emails – unless your automated emails are fairly generic, at which point, you may just want them to run.

What are you doing to make the most use of your inquiry notifications?