Tour Operator Tip: Successful Option Strategies

Brandon Lake  |  March 17th, 2011

How are you using options in Resmark?

No, we’re not talking about the stock market here. We’re talking about adding things to a booking that can help your guests have a more enjoyable experience and increase your reservation revenue along the way. And, you won’t even need to login to your brokerage account!

Whether you’re booking an activity, lodging or a rental, Resmark’s tour booking system allows you to add "options" to existing items that you sell.

Here’s one of my favorite ideas. This is an example from a Resmark user who operates Zipline Tours. They offer an option with each booking of a helmet cam. Not only do they make some additional revenue with the option, but it’s a great marketing tool. Each guest gets to keep the SD card with all their video after the trip. They in turn go home and post the video online and share it with their friends.

Zipline Booking with Helmet Cam Option

Zipline Booking with Options

Here are a few other thoughts that might help you come up with a new idea for an option in your system.

  • A rafting outfitter sells an option to rent a waterproof camera and transfers all the images to a branded thumb drive when the camera is returned.
  • An activity or lodging provider sells an option for transportation services. You can easily do this using “pickup options” within Resmark and can decide whether to charge for the service.
  • A tour operator offering week-long bike adventures sells an option for a fitness program before a trip. Take a look at Fit for Trips.
  • A tour operator provides guests the ability to purchase travel insurance to cover cancellation of a trip.

How are you using options in Resmark?

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Brandon Lake

Brandon Lake

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