Why The Resmark Systems Launches Screen Should Be On Your Radar

Colleen Tvorik  |  October 19th, 2015

Resmark Systems Activity Reservation Software

The Resmark Systems Activity Reservation Software has many powerful tools designed to increase bookings and boost revenue while elevating your customer service and assisting in lead nurturing.

An under-utilized feature each client should take advantage of is the Resmark Tour Booking System’s launches screen. This versatile web screen offers a client view designed to engage customers with the start time, adult/youth pricing and availability for each launch. It can also be used internally if the operations view box is checked. When operations view is checked, the changed layout shows start time, availability, booked seats and total spaces for each launch.

The launches screen can be run for up to 168 days, making it a useful tool outfitters with several trips per day as well as those with scattered launch dates. The screen will automatically refresh every 5 minutes with updated inventory.


3 Ways to Utilize Your Resmark Launches Screen

Upsell to Customers

The client view creates a perfect opportunity to connect with customers and upsell your last remaining seats on tours. When the operations view is unselected, pricing replaces the booked/total column. The screen highlights tours with limited availability in yellow while booked tours appear in red and available tours show in green.

At the Moab Adventure Center, a flat-screen television mounted above the front desk displays the launches screen. This reminds guests of upcoming tours and creates a sense of urgency on launches with limited space. By simply connecting a devise running the launches screen to a monitor, you too can showcase availability and sell those last few spaces!

Coordinator and Subcontractor Availability

The Resmark Tour Booking Software’s Platinum version includes automatically generated emails with customizable content that may be triggered during the lead generation, reservation and post trip phase of a customer’s experience.

An auto-generated email can be set up to allow coordinators or subcontractors to receive notification when a reservation is created or edited. While the email is very helpful, Resmark’s launches screen allows coordinators a quick and convenient place to check launch availability.

Guide Communication and Scheduling

The operations view of Resmark’s launches screen was designed to aid staff and quickly access availability on computers and mobile devices alike.

Important details of a specific launch can be communicated with this view and will appear under the launch name.

Like the client view – available launches are highlighted in green, limited space is yellow and sold out launches appear in red. Next to availability the number of seats booked and total available are displayed.

For more information on how to use your Resmark Systems launches screen, contact our support at 801-733-9548 or support@resmarksystems.com.

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Colleen Tvorik

Colleen Tvorik

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