Event Reservation System

Get more event reservations with less effort. Showcase your events online and make event registration and management easier than ever before.

Sm Event Reservation System Devices

Simplify and grow your event reservations

Looking for a new event reservation system? Whether you’re organizing music events or concerts, business conferences, party events, community events, or races, Resmark’s Event Reservation and Management System could be the perfect solution.

Event Festival of Colors
Sm Event Online Reservation

Getting online event reservations has never been easier!

Online event reservation widgets make it easy to register online.

  • Accept event reservations 24/7.
  • Offer flexible payment options.
  • Collect what you need from each event attendee.
  • Get alerts for new event reservations.
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Sm Event Concert Website Devices

Get an event website that works

Resmark will help you create a custom event website that will help you promote your event like never before. You’ll reach more event participants, look more professional, and easily be able to update your website content anytime. Satisfied with your current website? Not a problem. Resmark’s event reservation widgets can be incorporated into your current site.

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Event Planning Table

Make event management easier

A suite of event management tools built into the Resmark Event Reservation System will make planning for your event quicker and easier.

  • Quickly see the number of registrants reserved for each of your events.
  • Gather attendee information and preferences with custom fields.
  • Easily view and manage each event reservation.
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Sm Event Early Bird Pricing System

Promote event reservations with custom discounts

Create custom promotions to help increase attendees at your next event. Resmark’s discount rules and settings provide plenty of flexibility built directly into the Event Reservation System.

  • Provide early-bird reservation discounts for your event.
  • Set up automatic group discounts for larger parties.
  • Build promo codes to apply online only online reservations.
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Events on Phone

Collect more reviews from your events

Orchestrate the perfect event from start to finish with Resmark’s Event Reservation System and ensure that you collect as many 5-star reviews as possible.

  • Confirm each event reservation with a professional-looking confirmation.
  • Send automatic emails after each reservation with helpful information.
  • Set expectations before arrival so your attendees have the best experience possible.
  • Trigger a message with navigation links, parking instructions, and check-in steps.
  • Automatically request reviews immediately following your event.
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Sm Event Pricing Tiers

Customize your event pricing

Build your event pricing model exactly the way you want with custom event price settings and flexible price tiers.

  • Select from standard price tiers such as adult, child, or senior.
  • Set up custom price tiers such as member or non-member.
  • Sell your event at different prices through various sales channels.
  • Override event ticket pricing on a per-reservation basis.
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Girl Laptop Phone

Get more event reservations

Resmark’s event booking system has built-in tools that will help increase your event reservations.

  • Generate sales through automatic event share messages after reservation.
  • Get more reservations by creating event reseller partners.
  • Gather more reviews after each event to increase new reservations.
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Event Check in

Simplify event check-in

Automatically handle all the reservation follow-up that needs to occur prior to check-in to simplify your check-in process.

  • Collect all attendee information and preferences automatically.
  • Ensure that any required waivers or agreements are signed in advance.
  • Provide a self-service event check-in process via personal device or kiosk.
  • Export event attendees for easy printing of name badges.
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Classes Bookings Dashboard

Analyze your event reservations

See daily event reservation volume and other key data to help your events run smoothly.

  • View tickets sold online and by reservation agent.
  • Get a daily summary of payments collected.
  • Quickly see any outstanding payments or refunds.
  • See event reservations by event, reseller, discount, and more.
  • Quickly view event registration for all upcoming events.
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Need to manage more than event reservations?

Do you offer rentals, classes, or tours in addition to events? Use the same reservation system to book all your experiences and simplify the process for your customers and your staff.

Tour and activity booking software
Event registration solution
Rental reservation system
Class registration and booking system

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Frequently asked questions about Resmark’s Event Reservation System

What types of events does the event reservation system handle?

The Resmark Event Reservation System can facilitate date-specific events such as athletic events and races, booking event venues with a set schedule, concert events with general admission seating, business trainings, or conference events where facility and vendor management are not required, and community events.

How do I manage, edit, or cancel my event registrations?

Whether it is generated by a customer online or by one of your employees in-house, each event reservation can be easily located by searching the customer or participant name, phone number, email address, or reservation number. Once located, you simply open the reservation and can view and edit names or pricing, enter comments, change dates, make cancellations, or any other edits.

Can I customize forms to collect specific information with each reservation?

You can customize the information collected for each customer as well as each attendee. You can choose from a set of standard fields or create your own custom fields to collect any additional information you need to facilitate your event.

Will event registrants be able to reserve tickets from a mobile device?

Your event can be reserved from any device. The Resmark Event Reservation System is build to work beautifully on desktop, tablets, and mobile devices.

Can people register for my event on-site or by phone?

Your staff can register people on-site or by phone by logging into the event reservation system directly. They will simply select the event, enter registrants, collect payments, and make any other necessary notes or updates to each reservation.

Is it possible to set up users with different access levels?

As you create each user in the system, you can give them access to various parts of the system, including event set up, creating and editing reservations, creating custom discounts, editing pricing, access to specific reports, etc.

We’re a good fit for event reservations if you’re…

  • Providing events with per-person availability and pricing
  • Wanting to offer one or more price tiers for your events
  • Taking reservations for multiple event dates
  • Requiring that event participants sign a waiver or other agreement
  • Need to provide group discounts or other event promotions
  • Looking for support from a US-based support team

We’re probably not a fit for your event reservations if you’re…

  • Organizing events with assigned seating or seat maps
  • Looking for exhibitor management
  • Trying to schedule one-on-one meetings within an event
  • Wanting class registration per attendee inside the event
  • Needing the system to manage vendor relationships (audio/video, caterers, janitorial, etc)