Using your Reservation System to get more Facebook Fans

Brandon Lake  |  March 26th, 2010

Keep up with Social Media

According to, facebook had over 120 million unique visitors over the last year. Twitter had over 20 million unique visitors in the last year – an increase of over 1,000% from the previous year. If you’re still not sure how social media relates to your tour operator business in terms of the power of word of mouth.

Do you ever feel like social media is a fast moving, fully-loaded semi-truck that has already run you over and is down the road several miles ahead of you? You’re not alone. I think many of us operating travel and tour companies often feel this way. For a tour operator in the travel and tour industry, we have an incredible opportunity to catch up with that truck, get on board, and grow our social media presence in a big way. One great social media tool you have as a tour operator, lodging provider, campground or any business in the travel industry, is facebook.

Using Resmark Systems tour booking software, you can grow your facebook fans in a fairly simple way.
First, let’s look at what you have to work with.

How many guests make lodging, activity or rental bookings through your reservation system each year? How many of those guests have email addresses? You can reach out to all of them through the marketing component of Resmark’s reservation system. Once a customer has made a reservation with you, they are engaged in a way that a standard website visitor is not. Once they’ve traveled with you, they are even more engaged and hopefully are ready to be your fan.

Too many companies try to grow a fan base by directing general website traffic to a facebook page. Would you ever become a fan of something you just came across on the web? Not likely. I’d have to be more engaged to become a fan. So the right timing is either after a reservation or after a tour has taken place.

So, how do you reach out to them? Using Resmark Systems reservation software, you can automate an email that goes out a few days after a travel booking is made. In the email, explain the advantages of becoming a facebook fan before they leave on your tour. Perhaps you could point out that they can connect with other guests before leaving on their travels or get inside tips about their destination.

Once these guests have traveled with you, use Resmark Systems to trigger another automatic email that reminds them to connect with you on facebook. For those that are already facebook fans, this email might simply remind them to add some comments about their experience or post some photos or videos. It’s certainly not all about how many fans you have on facebook. The quality of the interaction and participation of fans is truly the key.

Using Resmark combined with excellent customer service in your travel business, you’ll quickly find that you can provide a nice jumpstart to your facebook page or other social media efforts.

Now, if you haven’t started using social media in your marketing yet, try not get overwhelmed. Start by choosing one thing such as a facebook page, get it created, and implement a few of these strategies mentioned above. For a good resource on how to set up and use facebook for business, check out

Then, start using Resmark Systems Reservation and Marketing System to build your social media presence. Do you have other ideas that are working well for your facebook page? Leave a comment below.

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Brandon Lake

Brandon Lake

Brandon is the founder and CEO of RESMARK & WaiverSign. He also runs Western River Expeditions and Moab Adventure Center, two of the most successful tour businesses in America. Brandon loves cycling, skiing and traveling with his wife and 4 children.
*All information is accurate as of March 2010.