Customer Journey: Dreaming, Booking, Experiencing, Sharing

Tour Booking Software Built For The Entire Customer Journey

A buyer’s journey looks very different for date-based businesses than it does for most other companies. Travelers sometimes look forward to trips years in advance, and other activities and events aren’t usually impulse buys either. For guests, participants, and travelers, it all starts with “dreaming” of the perfect experience. Then, when they’re ready to commit, they move on to “booking,” and await the moment when they’ll be “experiencing” their adventure. Finally, if you do it right, those customers will move on to “sharing” their excitement afterward with others. Resmark combines comprehensive tour booking software with a tightly-integrated suite of critical tour booking focused features.

dreamingGive Dreamers Reasons to Choose Your Tour
Create new custom questions to generate leads in Resmark's tour booking software

Find New Customers Through Lead Generation

Potential customers visit your website all the time and leave without a second thought. If you gather the emails of those “leads” from your own website using custom forms, however, you’ll have a chance to convince them to book their tours with you.

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Build Trust and Brand Loyalty with Lead Nurturing

Once you’ve captured the leads using RESMARK’s custom forms, you can then send a series of automatic emails to them with customizable follow-up email campaigns. This will eventually turn those prospective leads into paying customers.

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bookingActivity, Event, and Tour Booking Software Built by Tour Operators
Tour booking system checkout process

The Core of It All: the RESMARK Tour Booking System

Our tour booking software has helped hundreds of outfitters sell more than $2 Billion dollars worth of products. As adventure tour operators ourselves, we have firsthand experience with the problems and pain points we built RESMARK to solve.

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Offer Your Customers the Smoothest Possible Online Booking Experience

Sell your products exactly as you need with fully customizable processes. Use automated or manual discounts, collect deposits or full balance, limit bookings prior to start times, allow online cancellations, and more.

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New order cart and checkout view

Empower Your Staff with a Painless In-House Reservation System

Lighting fast and built with the end-user in mind, RESMARK enables you to book multiple products with differing guest counts on a single order, limit user access and define roles per employee, and so much more.

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The More the Merrier with Distribution Channel Management

Connect to a network of partners, resellers, and suppliers. Define individual net rates or commissions. Automate billing and invoicing. Manage your distribution however works best for your business with TrueConnect.

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experiencingAutomate Customer Communications and Kickstart Quality Customer Service Well Before the Trip.
Check-in kiosks with activity manifest

No More Email Insanity with Marketing Automation

CruiseControl lets you create email campaigns and set them to send automatically, helping you sell more seats, provide better customer service, and ultimately freeing up a big chunk of your time.

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Going Digital Makes Liability Waivers Easier, Too

WaiverSign—our premier digital document tool—will make you wonder why you didn’t ditch paper years ago. Whether it’s terms and conditions, waivers, release forms, or something entirely different, you won’t have to fret over obtaining signatures anymore.

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Task Management

Create and assign jobs or tasks to yourself or other users with due dates and prioritization. Associate them with a contact, inquiry, or specific order.

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sharingEffortlessly Gather Reviews and Feedback, and Turn Your Customers into Your Biggest Promoters.
Email to capture reviews for activity booked in tour reservation system

Putting Positive Experiences to Work for You

Gather valuable feedback and reviews immediately after a trip has ended or trigger those messages later. Leverage them to convince new customers to book. And do it all with incredibly simple email tools.

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Tour Booking Software so Good We Use It Ourselves

The RESMARK tour booking system came to be when we ran into the same problems with our multi-day tours as other operators were having: needing multiple solutions to get it all done. After more than 60 years in the travel business, and more than a dozen years in the tour booking software space, we understand that there’s more to “going digital” than simply having a “Book Now” button on your homepage. RESMARK does a lot more than just manage bookings because that’s what we needed it to do as tour operators. Bottom line: it means more tour bookings with less effort.

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Alberta Amazing Attraction Banff
Review from Cort Wright | Moab Adventure Center

"From generating new online business on our website to booking reservations through resellers, RESMARK sells more than our top sales staff - and it's a lot less expensive!"

Cort Wright
Moab Adventure Center
Moab Adventure Center
Review from Erik Weiseth | Orange Torpedo Trips

“Working with RESMARK support has been phenomenal! If there is any one thing you should preach to every potential customer, it is how great customer service is with RESMARK.”

Erik Weiseth
Orange Torpedo Trips
Orange Torpedo Trips
Review from Kent John | Great Alaska Adventures

"So happy with Resmark! With the Resmark System and their help on our website, we're saving 75% on our cost of converting leads!"

Kent John
Great Alaska Adventures
Great Alaska Adventures

Simplify Your Processes with a Fully-Integrated Online Tour Booking System

Digital Users Can be Fickle

If a user can’t get what they want in a couple of clicks, they look somewhere else. Making the sale, in most cases, requires offering as smooth an experience as possible to those users. Because all of RESMARK’s tools are fully integrated, you can trust that the customer experience will be totally seamless, no matter where they are in their journey.

Increase Sales by Doing Tour Booking Your Way

A Marketplace Like No Other

While some tour booking systems feature a marketplace that connects suppliers and resellers, RESMARK’s TrueConnect takes this to a whole new level. TrueConnect allows tour operators and resellers to create their own network, tailoring their tour mix perfectly to their target customers within their unique region. You can even customize tour marketing details and pricing via each distribution channel. The result: more partners selling more of your tours.

Unrivaled Customization and Personalization for Your Bookings

Unlike hotels and airlines, not many tour companies manage and sell their tours the same way. We built RESMARK to handle this kind of variety, with hundreds of customizable elements: from dynamic inventory settings, to customized data collection fields, to unlimited lead forms and document templates. RESMARK tour booking software provides the flexibility that allows each customer to run their tour business as they see fit.

Count on a Reliable System

Systems That Inspires Confidence RESMARK boasts industry-leading uptime and reliability.

The system is hosted across multiple servers simultaneously, functioning as both a real-time backup and an automatic fail-safe environment. Should any server ever have an issue, a clone of that server will instantly take over, providing continuous availability to both sales agents and online guests. That way, you never have to worry that your online customers—or your staff—can’t make bookings.

A Support Team That Actually, Well, Supports

Most support teams come with baggage. Unavailable after hours, don’t understand what you’re using the tool for, totally apathetic, or worse: they cost extra. We’re as frustrated by the baggage as you are, so our support team is different. Our team are tour booking software experts with industry experience, they’re available for urgent calls after hours. Each RESMARK Subscription comes with full support.