Tour Operator Booking Software

Get more tour bookings with less effort. Showcase your tours and activities online like never before and take customer service to a whole new level.

Tour Operator Booking Software

Take your tour operation to new heights

Looking for the best tour booking software for your business? Whether you book single-day tours or multi-day tours, Resmark’s tour operator software and online booking system will transform your tour business, taking your sales and service to new heights.

Tour Iphone

Getting online tour bookings has never been easier!

Online booking tools and widgets will make it easy for your customers to book online.

  • Accept tour bookings 24/7
  • Flexible payment collection settings
  • Collect the data you need as a tour operator
  • Get alerts for new tour bookings
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Save on commissions

While Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) can be an important part of your marketing strategy, those commissions can really start to add up. Resmark will not only provide you with cutting-edge tour operator software that will help manage all aspects of your business, but can also provide a brand new website and online strategy that will help you capture more direct bookings at a far lower cost.

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Stop worrying about availability

Resmark will automatically manage the availability of your tours, even for complex scenarios where the use of equipment or resources on one tour booking affects the availability of another tour. This will allow you to maximize your bookings as a tour operator.

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Price Tiers for Tours

Customize your tour pricing

Customize your pricing of tours and activities with an unlimited number of standard price tiers such as adult, child, senior, and infant, or create your own custom price tiers for your tours.

  • Customize age ranges for each price tier
  • Set date ranges for seasonal pricing
  • Configure pricing by day of the week
  • Override pricing for a holidays or special events
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Group Tour Redwall

Make group bookings easy

Provide a private direct booking link for your group organizers. They can share this link with all the members of their group to make it easy for each party to book online and pay on their own.

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Tours on Phone

Capture more 5-star reviews

Impress your customers with automatic messages at just the right time with exactly the right message. They’ll love the personal touch and you’ll get more 5-star reviews!

  • Confirm each tour booking with a professional-looking confirmation.
  • Send automatic messages after booking with helpful information.
  • Make it easy for customers to make final payments with automatic notices.
  • Set expectations before arrival so your customers have the best experience possible.
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Get more tour bookings

Resmark’s tour operator software has built-in tools that will help you increase your tour sales more than ever before.

  • Boost sales through automatic upsell messages after each new booking
  • Get more bookings through other tour operators and resellers in your local area
  • Collect more reviews following each tour to increase new sales
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Pickup Solution

Create a pickup solution that works for your tours

Need a way to configure pre-set hotel or airport pickups and corresponding pickup times for each? Resmark tour booking software has a built-in pickup management system.

  • Set up all pickup locations (hotels or other locations)
  • Specify time before tour departure for pickup for each location
  • The booking system will display all pickup options for the user
  • Pickup and return times will be displayed based on your settings
  • Pickup reports facilitate the operation of your pickups
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Ipad Tour Checkin

Make check-in for your tours easier than ever

Take care of all the busy work that slows down the check-in process before your guests ever arrive. They’ll love the ease of your improved check-in process!

  • Payment reminders in advance of check-in help you collect all balances.
  • Notifications help you collect missing participant details in advance.
  • Guests are automatically notified of any missing waivers before check-in.
  • A self-check-in process on a phone, tablet, or kiosk reduces congestion for bigger groups.
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Sm Tourism Website Devices

Say goodbye to your costly, ineffective, hard-to-maintain website

Reach more customers with a beautiful and affordable custom website. Updates to your tours and activities will automatically publish to your website. Easily control all your online content. Happy with your current website? No problem. Resmark’s booking widgets make it easy to incorporate the Resmark online booking process into your existing website.

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Rental Bookings Dashboard

Analyze your tour bookings

See daily tour volume and other key reports to help you make the best decisions.

  • View tour bookings by user
  • Get a daily summary of tour payments for bank reconciliation
  • See all tour payments, refunds, and deposits overdue
  • See tour booking performance by product, reseller, discount, and more
  • Manage commissions or invoicing for resellers
  • Quickly view all upcoming bookings, manifests and pickup reports
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Sell even more than tours and activities with Resmark

Do you sell events, rentals, or classes in addition to tours and activities? Use the same system to book all your experiences and make life easier for your staff and customers.

Tour and activity booking software
Event registration solution
Rental reservation system
Class registration and booking system

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"Resmark Systems has given us the competitive advantage we need for booking tours at resorts throughout the Caribbean and through all other critical sales channels."

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“The ROI using Resmark is significant. Resmark is one of the few companies I have worked with that can deliver ROI because they have such strong marketing expertise and functionality.”

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“We are so happy with Resmark! With the Resmark booking system and their help on our website, we're saving 75% on our cost of converting leads!”

Frequently asked questions about Resmark’s Tour Operator Booking Software

Can Resmark manage both single-day and multi-day tour bookings?

Yes. Resmark was built by one of the most successful tour operators in America. This tour operator happens to operate both single-day tours and multi-day tours so the system is configured to accommodate both types of tours.

Does Resmark include a new website with my subscription?
A new website is not required as part of your subscription, but is available to each of our clients. As each tour operator is different, we take a unique approach with every client in considering their current needs and opportunities. Unlike other software providers, our websites are custom built for each tour operator and designed to help each be as successful as possible. Additional search and review tools are also available with your website subscription. Learn more about our website design and development process and pricing.
What makes Resmark different from other tour booking software?

While many other solutions focus primary on the booking process, Resmark tour booking software focuses on the entire customer journey. This includes the first visit to your website, an inquiry into your services, automated followup around that inquiry, the tour booking process (online or in-house), personalized touchpoints following a reservation, operational tools and reports to make check-in and the tour itself seamless, review generation and management, and re-engagement to bring your customers back again and again.

Can I send custom automatic emails for a specific tour?

Absolutely! Resmark Tour Operator Booking Software allows you to configure automatic emails to be sent to all tours, a select group of tours, or only to those who booked a specific tour. For example, if you sell a rafting tour, you might want to send an email a few days before departure to help people understand what to expect in terms of logistics and water levels. This would be quite different from an email you might send to another customer who booked a hiking tour.

Does Resmark have online Waivers integrated into the tour operator software?

While some systems integrate with third parties for online waivers, Resmark actually has a built-in digital waiver process. This makes it one of the most seamless online waiver processes available. Your guests will be directed to sign waivers immediately following each booking. All the data collected in the waiver signing process will be instantly synced with each participant record. This can provide a significant amount of additional marketing and demographic information which can help you drive additional bookings.

I have different waivers for different tours. Is that possible to set up?

Yes. Each waiver may be associated with any number of individual tours. You may also have tours or activities that are not associated with any waiver.

I operate multiple tour companies. Can I set up multiple businesses in Resmark?
Yes. Our clients with multiple tour companies love this feature. Resmark allows you to have a single log in to access an unlimited number of business accounts. You can simply toggle between accounts once you have logged in. For one business, you might have a select number of users who can only access that business, while another business might have different users. As an admin user or business owner, you can toggle between all business accounts.

We’re a good fit for tour bookings if you’re…

  • Booking tours or activities with per-person availability and pricing
  • Wanting to offer one or more price tiers for your tours
  • Are looking for online waivers and automatic messaging
  • Need to provide group discounts or other promotions
  • Looking for a robust solution to manage pickups for your tours
  • Want to work with local hotels and travel agents as resellers
  • Trying to sell tours from other tour operators
  • Hoping to have support from a US-based support team

We’re probably not a fit for your tour bookings if you’re…

  • Booking lodging or accommodations together with your tours
  • Trying to manage nightly lodging bookings inside the system as part of a multi-day itinerary (many companies will do this outside of the booking software)
  • Needing integrations with OTAs that check live availability.