Booking the second step of the Customer Journey
feature_Booking the second step of the Customer Journey

A Reservation System Built with Customer Service In Mind

While a reservation system can’t change the personality of your reservation team, giving that team the right tools for their job can empower them in delivering excellent customer service. With the RESMARK Reservation System, you can escort your guests through the whole customer journey, offering 5-star service every step of the way.

Reservation System Edit Price Modal

The Most Flexible Reservation System on the Market

RESMARK allows you and your staff to define the exact information you require from your customer at the time of booking and what information you need from each guest prior to the time of travel. Your staff can personalize confirmations as they’re being sent, customize a tour name to match a particular reservation, create custom pricing on-the-fly, and manage payments in a way that works best for both you and your customer. Your business is unique—you need a reservation system to match.

User access configuration

Customizable Users Permissions

Define user rights or roles by limiting certain users from accessing specific parts of the application. On a per-user basis, you can allow or deny access to reports, database exports, website tools, and setup. Predefined roles and settings allow you to easily set up multiple users at the same time, with the same access rules, like “administrator” or “reservation office staff.”

Internal reservation system notes

Note and Notification Functionality for Every Reservation

Add notes on the manifest for guides and staff, personalize comments on a reservation confirmation, or create sales notes that pop up automatically at the time of booking. There are a lot of moving parts to event- and tour-based businesses, and RESMARK gives you the level of customizability to help you keep track of it all.

Customizable reservation reports

Gain Valuable Insight from Your Reservation System

From customizable manifests and rosters to user-defined report parameters for sales, accounting, commissions, and net rates, RESMARK allows you to get the information you need out of the system. You can even limit access to individual reports based on rules you define in the user setup.

Edit account modal in accounting setup

Simplify Accounting with Built-In Tools

Create customized general ledger accounting IDs that match up with your existing accounting practices. Link together and group individual charge items such as per product revenue, taxes, or fees to appropriate GL Codes for easy export and reconciliation with your existing accounting software such as QuickBooks or Peachtree.

Stats in the online reservation system

A More Helpful Reservation System Dashboard

Quickly view up-to-the-minute sales and booking information immediately upon login, with a thumbnail view of sales by day, sales by product, overdue payments, refunds owed, and recently modified reservations. Allow management to view data for multiple users, or limit particular users to see only data related to themselves.

The online reservation system shown on multiple devices

Lightning Fast and Always Ready

Hosted on AWS Web Servers, with a focus on speed and accessibility, the RESMARK Reservation System has been built using modern technologies, security requirements, and continuous deployment protocols. Built fully responsive with the end-user in mind, you can make reservations on virtually any web-enabled device. That’s why it’s reservation software that you can count on to help you run your tour and activity business, travel agency, or concierge/reseller desk.

Detailed Reservation Order History

Track Detailed Reservation History

The RESMARK Reservation System gives you full visibility into the details of any order modification. Any time a booking is taken, modified, or canceled, the system logs the user, the change, the date, and the time. Track sent confirmations, order changes, guest additions or cancelations, payments made, or refunds given. You can even create additional user-defined history notes that help you and your staff keep track of reservation updates and changes, helping to paint a clearer picture of each modification over time.

Sales by user report

Upgrade Seamlessly from Your Current Reservation System

Using our import template, you can transfer priceless customer contact data and purchase history info from your old system (even if that “system” is just a spreadsheet) into your new RESMARK database, allowing you to search for, find, and book old customers on brand new reservations. You can also reference past tour and activity information for each guest, allowing you to provide a seamless customer service experience for your return guests who are getting booked for their first tour in your new reservation system.

Detailed reservation history

Access Comprehensive Customer Reservation Info

Keep track of all reservations and orders associated with a particular contact record. Active reservations, as well as canceled orders, are all tracked and provide an immediate window into the booking history of each and every one of your guests.

Automated messaging system

Save Time with Automated Messaging

RESMARK’s CruiseControl allows you to automate communications to customers, guests, and even captured leads, so that you never miss an opportunity to increase bookings and exceed expectations. Automatically trigger reservation confirmations and follow-up emails, pre-trip reminders, payment notifications, packing lists, signature requirements, and post-trip review requests. With all this functionality, the RESMARK Reservation System will become the hardest-working member of your reservation staff.

Email sends, clicks, & opens on contact information

Track Email Sends, Opens, and Clicks

With RESMARK’s CruiseControl, you’ll not only know when automated customer and guest emails were sent, but you’ll have a full record of all messages received by every contact. You’ll even be able to see what they opened and what they clicked. This information is invaluable when it comes to sales and customer service.

Reservation manifest showing if waivers have been signed or not

The Best Digital-Waiver-to-Reservation-System Integration Ever

The RESMARK-WaiverSign integration is head and shoulders above other tour booking software integrations which “claim” to have an integrated waiver solution. We actually track waiver signatures on a per-person basis and store a record of these waivers on the actual contact themselves. Look up any guest or roster in your database, and know instantly whether a particular participant has signed. Retrieve and print any waiver in a matter of seconds.

Multiple payment methods saved in contact information section

Manage Multiple Payment Methods for Every Customer

The RESMARK Reservation System allows you to create and store multiple credit card payment methods for each customer. You can use those same cards for new reservations in the system, or delete references to those cards so they can’t be used on future transactions. Best of all, the payment information for debit and credit cards is tokenized, so that your customers are protected in the event a hacker gets their hands on that data. It’s ease of use for you, and peace of mind for them.


What’s Next After In-House Reservation System?

Now that we’ve covered the in-house portion of the reservation system, let’s take a look at the one-of-a-kind channel management system in RESMARK. Do you make reservations through other partner businesses in your area, hotel concierge desks, travel agencies, online travel websites, cruise ships, or resellers of any kind? If so, you’re gonna love this. If not, you’ll want to check out how you can start getting more reservations right away.

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