Booking the second step of the Customer Journey
feature_Booking the second step of the Customer Journey

Complete Tour Booking System - Built by Industry Leaders.

We’ve been a tour operator for more than 60 years and released the first version of our tour booking software back in 2007. Since then, hundreds of outfitters and operators have used RESMARK to sell upwards of $2 billion worth of tours and activities. We understand many of your needs because we also live them everyday ourselves. RESMARK has been designed as a booking system that shines where many others fall short.

Popular tours listed on a website using Resmark's Tour Booking System

Built especially to sell activities, tours, events, classes and more

A reservation system designed to sell everything from single day activities to multi-day tours. Sell date based products, with or without start or end times. Create tours or products based on per-unit availability. Manage availability, and never have an overbooking again. Customize rosters and manifest so guides and staff can manage tours more efficiently and effectively.

Pricing field configuration

Price your tours exactly the way you want

You aren’t limited to just booking tickets or seats with adult and child pricing. You can create as many custom price rate tiers per tour as necessary. Create weekday and weekend pricing, and different prices based on date ranges. You can even build different price categories for unique sales channels like a resort channel with premium pricing or a discount channel with wholesale pricing.
Payment deposit settings

Define your payment & deposit settings per tour

Accept deposits, require payment in full at the time of booking, or simply verify a credit card number for payment at a later date. Define individual payment settings on a per tour basis, even when more than one tour is booked on the same reservation. RESMARK’s tour booking software also allows you to create unlimited custom payment types beyond the standard Cash, Check, Credit Card.

Payment Detail Modal

Flexible merchant service and credit card processing

Unlike other tour booking systems that require you to use their particular credit card processor or merchant services account, RESMARK gives you the flexibility to use the processing solution that works best for you. Our Transaction Gateway is capable of connecting to more than 300 worldwide processing platforms. If you do need to setup a brand new merchant account, you can create one instantly in RESMARK.

Google Analytics showing data coming from tour booking system

Make better decisions with integrated analytics tracking

Track ecommerce conversions and transactions in your Google Analytics account by easily adding your analytics code directly into RESMARK. For advanced ecommerce tracking, you can even setup a full funnel visualization that allows you to track details for every step of the booking process from adding to cart, agreeing to policies, completing the order, to sending the confirmation.
New order checkout flow

Easily create bookings with multiple tours and varied guest counts

If you tend to have “complicated” reservations, with more than one activity and differing guest counts on each tour, then you need to give RESMARK a try today. Our booking process is flexible enough to allow both in-house users, as well as online customers, to manage exactly who is doing what, and on what date. RESMARK is even smart enough to know who needs to sign what waiver, even if different activities require different documents. There are very few tour booking softwares or reservation systems that can make that claim. Go ahead...ask ‘em.

Printed booking confirmation and ticket

Show booking confirmations or tickets your way

RESMARK can print separate vouchers or tickets for each activity on an order. It can even print one voucher per person. Confirmation emails and details can be customized on a per reservation basis. We know check-in processes vary significantly between tour companies so we’ve created flexibility to help.
Pick-ups and transfers settings

Manage tour pick-ups and transfers like a pro

Set pickup and drop off locations for transfer services on a per-tour basis. Assign transfer times that dynamically adjust and display based on the start and end times of the tour. Apply costs to individual pickups or transfers. Create pickup regions or zones for managing multiple pickups over large or geographically unique locations. Associate individual business or transportation providers with particular pickup zones. View chronological pickup reports and see the pickup details on each manifest.
Tour Booking system check-in kiosk

Simplify your check-in process

Save time and provide better customer service by allowing guests to check-in upon arrival at your location. Using a booking confirmation number along with a customer’s last name, guests are able to check themselves in and sign any required documents if necessary. Your guides and staff will see the tour manifest updated in real-time as guests check in.

Product Price Tiers for resellers

Revolutionize the booking process with agents and resellers

Whether you work with activity desks, hotel concierges, travel agencies, cruise ships, or travel websites, RESMARK’s TrueConnect platform allows you to manage those relationships on a per-reseller basis, giving you the flexibility to offer customized commissions, individual net rates, and even access to specific tours or activities. RESMARK’s tour booking software automatically creates invoices and statements to help you collect net payments or pay out commissions.


What’s next after Tour Booking Software?

These are just a few of the great features you’ll find in the tour booking system provided by RESMARK. Next, check out some of the specifics of the online booking process to see how you can get more of your bookings online and make your online customer experience amazing.

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