Experiencing the third step of the Customer Journey
feature_Experiencing the third step of the Customer Journey

Task Management Tools… Because Details Matter

Selling tours is not always a one-and-done event. The sales process for some companies requires back and forth between reservation staff and customers, or even communications between staff members. The Task Management tools that Resmark provides allow your staff to be more productive, align priorities, enhance customer service, sell more seats and fill more tours.

Task Management dashboard

The Task Dashboard: Organization is Key

Quickly view your outstanding tasks, tasks you’ve assigned to other users, as well as the tasks you’ve already completed with a quick glance at the task dashboard. Manage all tasks from a single screen.
Edit Task Fields

Prioritize tasks to create urgency

Tasks can be created with due dates and times. Priority levels allow you to organize and complete tasks based on importance.

Clarify Your Tasks

Add notes and descriptions to the task so that you, or the person assigned the task know exactly how to complete it. Tap into the detail of the related record for even more history.

Inline tasks shown on new order

Associate and link directly to action items

A task can be related to a particular order, customer contact, or an inquiry. This creates efficiency during completion by allowing the assigned user to quickly open the associated record aligned with that task, complete it, and mark it resolved.

View Task History

All your tasks related to a reservation, contact or inquiry will appear with that record so you’ll be able to see the full series of tasks that have been completed for any record.


What’s next after Task Management?

As you focus on crafting the perfect balance of marketing automation with personal touch, another important part of the guest experience is the interaction each of your guests have with your online liability waiver. RESMARK helps make this process not only super easy for each participant, but also incredibly valuable for you.

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