3 Ways To Make Your Meeting Room Reservations Go More Smoothly

Jenny Greenwood  |  May 20th, 2010

Make your meeting room reservations even better

If you have a meeting room that you rent out on a regular basis, you might find some challenges in keeping the room rented as well as keeping customers up-to-date on availability. Here are three ways to make your meeting room reservations go more smoothly.

1. When you have meeting room reservation system, your clients can reserve the room right on your website. This frees up your time. The online booking software will allow Internet visitors to see when the room is available for rent and will prevent double bookings.

2. As folks reserve the room, you will be gathering a database of information about them and will be able to use that information later on in order to up sell some of your other available options – like floral arrangements and catering options. Also, since you have them in a database, you can have the system contact them again the following year to see if they’d like to reserve the room again.

3. Because of the Reservation System, your clients can be automatically notified via e-mail a week, a month or 2 days (you choose) ahead of time that their reservation for your meeting room is coming up with our marketing automation software. This is a nice customer service gesture and shows that you value their time and their schedule by sending out such a reminder.

Reservation system makes your life and the life of your clients a whole lot easier, not to mention that it will increase your customer service skills (without you having to do anything) and your sales skills.

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