Make Tee Time Reservations Virtually Effortless with an Online Reservation System

Jenny Greenwood  |  May 22nd, 2010

​Running a golf course can not only be a time consuming endeavor, but an expensive one.

Of course, one of the most important things to your course’s success is having people play on it on a regular basis.

If you have online golf reservation system, your golfers will be able to make tee time reservations right on your website and can also check availability of tee times without calling the golf shop to find out the eligible times.

This helps with the coordination of large groups also. A quick e-mail can be sent out among friends with a link to your website showing the available tee times and everyone can agree on a couple of good tee times and then someone can make the reservation using the online booking application.

The nice thing about a central reservation system, is that you will over time have a solid client database because the reservation system will have collected all their data.

In fact, imagine the possibilities if a client makes a reservation and then a few days before their tee time, you send them a coupon in their e-mail for 20% off golf merchandise in the pro shop? Or what about a free appetizer when they order an entree at your course’s restaurant and bar? The possibilities are truly endless and the best part is that once it’s set up, it’s virtually effortless on your part.

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Jenny Greenwood

Jenny Greenwood

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