Spa Appointments using an OnlineReservation System!

Jenny Greenwood  |  May 23rd, 2010

Reduce your phone calls by using an online reservation system

If you run a spa, sometimes it can be difficult for your receptionist to be checking people out, collecting money, scheduling the next appointment and be making appointments with people that phone in.

One of the ways to alleviate some of the stress of multi-tasking reservations is through spa reservation software. No doubt, as a successful spa, it is hard for one person to handle all the reservations. In fact, when one person is doing so much multi-tasking, it is also difficult for them to not make mistakes with all the distractions.

However when you have an electronic reservation system, your life can get a lot easier. So much easier in fact, that your sales and marketing efforts can be increased without you having to do much. How? Well, when you and your clients start to use your Reservation System to make appointments for your spa, you soon build an incredible database that includes every person’s full contact information as well as the spa services she or he enjoys.

By knowing what time of year, they like specific services you will be able to send out coupons or rewards. In fact, with a reservation system you end up having all the information that you need in order to start a customer rewards program – where you can give someone a free facial for every ten facials that they get in one year, for example. Truly, with an online booking application, your possibilities are endless.

Jenny Greenwood

Jenny Greenwood

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