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Lead Generation: The Key to More Bookings

If you’re not generating leads, you’re missing sales. All too often, we expect the customer to land on our website and simply book a tour or make a purchase right off the bat. While this does happen, what about all those people (usually 80% or more) who land on your website, browse around a bit, then leave - anonymously? There’s a huge missed opportunity here! RESMARK will help you generate leads and automatically convert those leads into sales.

What is a lead

What exactly is a lead, anyway?

Simply stated, a lead is someone who has shown interest in your company, but has not yet committed to booking. Showing interest is key. If someone picks up the phone and calls you with a question about one of your tours, they are a lead. If you receive an email requesting information about a particular itinerary, they are a lead as well. Now pretend you have a store in a mall. These folks didn’t move on past after looking at your window treatment, imagine that they have now just walked in the front door and are asking about colors, sizing, or prices. Leads are the kind of people you want to talk to, because they obviously want to talk to you.

  • Recognize the importance of leads in your life
  • Embrace leads
  • Love leads like a puppy loves licking
Materials Request

How do you generate a lead?

First, you need something enticing enough that your website visitors are willing to request it from you. The old “sign up for my newsletter” really doesn’t cut it anymore. If someone is traveling to your destination, what do they want? They want suggestions and recommendations from an expert like you! So, how do you package that up nice and neat so it’s attractive to your potential customers? Many RESMARK clients have had huge success with offering an “Insider’s Guide” to their destination or a “Top 10” list of recommendations.

  • Create something cool people will want to give you their contact info for
  • “Advertise” said cool thing in smart places on your website
  • Capture that person’s email address using your handy customizable RESMARK form
Manage Lead Generation Forms

How do you capture the lead information?

Within a few steps, you can create a customized lead or inquiry form, with fields and questions of your choice, drop it on any website, and begin the process of gathering warm, new leads. A simple snippet of javascript is all you need, which you or your webmaster can grab from RESMARK in a matter of minutes. As soon as someone fills out your form, your attractive materials are sent to them and their information is added directly to the RESMARK database.

This lead generation process can and should also be done over the phone or via online chat!

  • Use your custom inquiry form builder and drop the form on a website
  • Act cool when people fill out your form. They are now “hot” leads
  • Manually add leads for in-house calls or chats

Let RESMARK’s Lead Nurturing tools take over from there.


What’s next after lead generation?

This is where you begin to establish a relationship and trust with your potential customer. Much like dating before marriage, you need to nurture the relationship and continue to get to know each other. But in this case, as a business owner, the nurturing is up to you. RESMARK makes this part easy! We know how busy you are. You don’t really have time to follow up with every lead you capture. It’s why many companies miss this opportunity. This next phase is what we call “lead nurturing” and it’s the key to more sales.

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