Tour Operator Tip: How to get a Plethora of Customer Reviews

What are you doing to get reviews from your guests?

Talking about your travels is much easier than reviewing the plumber who fixed the toilet yesterday. As tour operators, we should have no problem getting a plethora of reviews.

A recent post from KISS Metrics highlights 7 creative ways to get customer testimonials.

  1. Facebook Reviews
  2. Linked In Recommendations
  3. Youtube Video Reviews
  4. Local Search Directories
  5. Niche Review Sites
  6. Rewarding Customers Who Review
  7. Google Alerts and Social Mentions

As tour operators, it is so easy to garner trip reviews and we should be collecting those reviews in as many locations online as possible, as well as consolidating them on our own websites.

But how do you do this consistently? It’s critical that we have some form of automated, post-trip communication. Using Resmark Tour Booking Software, you can trigger an email right after a trip that solicits reviews of the travel experience. You certainly don’t want to give them every review option in that email, but choose a couple that work well based on the experience they’ve had. Vary it up to get reveiws in all important locations.

If your travelers meet at your place of business, you might consider a review kiosk that defaults to the facebook reviews tab or a web cam where customers can talk about their experience. Perhaps offer an incentive for providing a review.

What are you doing to get reviews from your guests?

Would you say I have a plethora? Let’s relive this for a moment…