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Candace Woodbury  |  March 27th, 2020

Guide Your Guests Through The Sales Funnel

In order to increase your business you are taking your potential customers on a journey, starting with planting the idea, generating interest and excitement, and guiding them through the sales funnel.

Here are some ideas to help you improve your sales funnel to generate more leads and convert them into bookings.

Sales Funnel


Once a potential customer makes it to your website, you will want to capture their contact information and direct them through your sales funnel to a book now button. At this stage it is important to be clear in what you are offering.

Capture new leads using your customizable RESMARK form. A great way to entice users to fill out the form is to incentivise them, by creating an item that is neat and attractive to potential customers in exchange for their email address.

Many RESMARK clients have had success with offering an “Insider’s Guide” to their destination or a “Top 10” list of recommendations.

Generating Interest

Your potential customers might not know what they want. In this stage, you want to generate interest, excitement, and desire. Make sure to show them what you have to offer and why they should choose you in a lead follow-up campaign, consider implementing the following to direct them to purchase with you.

  • Create a customized follow-up campaign, automating a portion of your follow-up with RESMARK Systems tour operator software. Each lead is customized with personalized emails and will stop sending emails once a reservation is made, ensuring consistency.
  • Share guest videos and comments that are in line with their interests.
  • Include different packages and options, so they can make the final decision to purchase.

Clicking the book now button

Make the booking process easy and secure. Don’t cut corners or cut steps.

  • Minimize the number of steps and the number of form fields in the checkout process.
  • Use one-click options when possible.
  • Offer a secure checkout page with a similar design scheme so that your customers feel like they are on the same website.

RESMARK’s online booking software is customizable, allowing you to define the sales process and gather only the information you need.

Customer Retention

Interaction with your customers doesn’t have to stop after the tour ends. Continue to engage with your customers after their trip.

  • Ask for feedback using surveys/outreach
  • Encourage reviews
  • Consider sending out special offers for the next season
  • Create and share content, including videos, on your blog, and in newsletters

Repeat customers are happy customers. Often, they can become brand advocates, generating new leads by word of mouth, and no one does it better than a happy customer.

RESMARK Systems Tour Operator Software offers a way to track leads, conversions and track the cost of advertising. It allows you to engage with your customers throughout the important travel phases of dreaming, booking, experiencing, and sharing.

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