Own An Equipment Rental Business? Get ‘Er Online!

Jenny Greenwood  |  May 15th, 2010

Get a reservation booking software that is online and easy

If you own an equipment rental business, reservations of your rental equipment is what keeps your business going and also allows you to have an idea of what your availability is.

The great thing about equipment reservation software is that you can keep track of your equipment – when it is rented out, when it is due in and also when it will be available for the next client.

Just think of the convenience of having an online booking software for your rental business. You will have a reduction in phone calls once your customers are aware that they can book their rental needs online. Having less phone calls inquiring about when a specific piece of equipment will be back will free your time up to do other things.

Likewise, by using Reservation Software you can keep track of when certain pieces are rented. For example, is it a certain time of year when one piece of equipment is in higher demand? Or is there a piece of equipment that is always rented by the same person? Have they not rented in awhile? Perhaps you can send them a discount through e-mail to get them to come back in and rent. The potential with such a database is endless.

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Jenny Greenwood

Jenny Greenwood

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