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Event Booking Systems

Whether you’re organizing a 5k charity run or planning a company party, there’s a lot that goes into running a successful event, and keeping track of all the moving parts can be a ton of work. The job doesn’t have to be frustrating, though. With the right tools, you can simplify your processes, automate whole functions, and make your life a lot easier.

What Is Event Booking Software?

With an event booking system, you can simplify event management by doing some of your most important tasks digitally and automatically—like booking guests, taking payments, sending notification emails, and more. It also enables you to offer online booking and sometimes has functionality like taking deposits, administering waivers digitally, or planning floorspace.

Is It for My Event?

Events come in all shapes and sizes: sporting events, performing arts, concerts, class reunions, weddings...the list goes on. All of these are events, but they all have different needs. The good news is, there’s an event booking system to meet just about every use case. So whether you’re attendees are in the hundreds or the thousands, and whether the dress code is running shorts or black tie, odds are there’s an event booking system for you.

Different Types of Event Booking Systems

To meet different use cases and help facilitate different types of events, there are a number of different types of event systems on the market. Primarily, though, these tools fall into one of two categories.

Event Booking System on Devices

Software for Event Managers

These systems facilitate the organizing and running of events and serve as the interface between the organizers and the attendees (who use the system to book online). Event management software is typically designed to facilitate a single event at a time.

Software for Venue Managers

Rather than help with organizing the event, venue management software helps in scheduling the space. In this, it operates more like hotel booking software—renting out rooms or locations for event organizers to use, but not getting involved in what they use it for.

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Meeting the Needs of Event Managers

Hosting Lots of Attendees

Event booking software helps event organizers register and keep track of the hundreds (or sometimes thousands) of guests that come to the event, and allows them to book online.

Coordinating with Vendors

Event managers often have to work with other businesses to provide the food, drinks, music, entertainment, or some other critical aspect of the event. The right event booking system can help manage those interactions.

Planning Floorspace

Whether it’s reserved seating, arranging vendor booths, or even just planning what side of the room the bar will go, event organizers often need to plan the layout of the physical space. Some event booking systems have tools that allow you to do this digitally.

Scheduling Rooms

Some larger events have multiple things happening simultaneously, like conventions and conferences with different panels or seminars happening in different rooms. Some systems facilitate planning out what’s happening in what room at what time.

Handling Transactions

Sometimes, the team running the event handles foodservice or retail sales themselves. When they do, they need a system that can handle POS transactions.

Meeting the Needs of Venue Managers

Booking Multiple Event Organizers

Whether your venue is a single auditorium, or whether you’re managing a suite of conference rooms and ballrooms, it’s not uncommon for venue managers to schedule multiple events for the same space on the same day, sometimes with little time between them. These systems facilitate that.

Scheduling Multiple Venues

If you do have multiple rooms, locations, or venues, then keeping from overbooking (or leaving empty space in your schedule) can be difficult. With event booking software, though, you can keep all of the schedules straight, and avoid booking conflicts.

Taking Deposits and Payments

Not only do venues need to be able to accept payments, they often need to be able to accept deposits or some other form of partial payment. The right event booking system can help you do that, and can keep track of who hasn’t paid in full yet.

Planning Catering

A lot of venues have the ability to provide catering for events that happen there. Event systems can help with scheduling those requests, tracking meal orders, and managing availability.

Venue Preparation

Much like hotel rooms, there’s a certain amount of cleanup that needs to be done after one event group leaves before the next one can use the space. Some systems allow you to mark the status of a space, allowing you to track which ones are ready for use, and which ones to clean.

How RESMARK Can Help

The team here at RESMARK is very sensitive to the needs of event and venue managers, and we built our event booking software to answer a host of concerns.

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Book Better

RESMARK is a web-based app that enables you to take online bookings and make online bookings from anywhere that has an internet connection. Keep your inventory up-to-date, offer automated discounts (or enter them in manually), track guest information, get analytics data, and more, all packaged in an easy-to-use interface. It’s event booking done right.

Control Distribution

The RESMARK suite also includes TrueConnect, a tool built to help you manage your resellers and distribution channels. Not only does TrueConnect enable your resellers to book directly from your live inventory, but it allows you to set separate net rates for each reseller, and even gives you access to a whole marketplace full of potential distributors. It all translates into better collaboration and more sales.

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Sign Those Waivers

We know how important waivers are to tour operator businesses, but in a post-COVID world, nearly every business needs them. With WaiverSign, you can have an unlimited number of document templates, store an unlimited number of signed waivers, and keep everything in the system for as long as you like. It’s paperless, contactless, and hassle-less.

Generate and Nurture Leads

Lastly, the RESMARK suite also includes CruiseControl, our marketing automation tool. Create custom lead forms for your website where you can collect contact information, turning anonymous website visitors into leads. Then, set up automated email campaigns to nurture those leads and encourage them to book. You can even set up email campaigns for after the customer has booked, as well as after the event has ended, encouraging them to leave reviews.

We’re a Good Fit If You’re...

  • Running a date-based event
  • Managing multiple events
  • Wanting to let guests book online
  • Not constrained by assigned seating
  • Not needing to digitally plan the layout of a physical space
  • Wanting to increase the number of bookings for your event
  • Already the proud owner of a merchant account for use in transactions
  • Needing to offer discounts, whether based on purchase dates, group sizes, or otherwise
  • Wanting awesome customer support from a US-based team
  • Needing to offer different pricing tiers based on age, included options, etc.
  • Wanting to take deposits from your guests at the time of booking

We’re Probably Not What You’re Looking for If...

  • You need tools to lay out where things or people should be placed in your event space
  • You need onsite, event-day POS functionality
  • You need a system to manage the inventory levels or sale of retail or food items
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Review from Ryan Terrier | Island Routes

"As the world’s leader in Caribbean attractions, we needed a partner that would increase sales, while still growing booking efficiencies. Resmark is that partner!”

Ryan Terrier
Island Routes
Island Routes
Review from Jon Felderman | Big Creek Expeditions

"The Resmark staff has been lifesavers. They understand the business because they came from it, and they spent a lot of time educating me."

Jon Felderman
Big Creek Expeditions
Big Creek Expeditions
Review from Michael Smith | Arbortrek Canopy Adventures

“The ROI using RESMARK is significant. RESMARK is one of the few companies I have worked with that can deliver ROI because they have such strong marketing expertise and functionality.”

Michael Smith
ArborTrek Canopy Adventures
ArborTrek Canopy Adventures

What Qualifies You to Build Event Booking Software?

This is a fair question and one you should ask of any event booking software solution. Here’s our answer to it.

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Personal Booking Experience

RESMARK was a solution we built to answer needs we already had. As a long-standing player in the tour and activity industry, we understood first-hand what kind of frustrations a manual booking system can cause. Over the past 12 years, we’ve expanded the solution to handle other use cases, like events.

Over a Decade in Development

We’ve been developing our booking system for over a dozen years, which is longer than almost anyone else in the business, and our dev team is staffed with seasoned developers who are experts in app development. In other words, we’re not exactly the “new kid on the block.”

Business Is in Our Blood

RESMARK is part of a family businesses, and fittingly enough, we’ve kept business in the family. The adventure tour side of the business has been around since the 1960s and most of our leadership grew up helping run the show. We’ve been cultivating our business skills for decades, and we’ve mastered responding to the needs of and feedback from the market.


Try Our Event Booking System for Free

In that same spirit of helping you to know for sure if RESMARK will work for your business, we’d like to give you a chance to try the toolset yourself, free of charge. If it turns out we’re the best thing since sliced bread, we’ll be happy to get your business up and running in no time. If, instead, you find we’re missing a key feature or two that you really need, you’re not losing anything. Beyond that, we’re very familiar with our peers and competitors in this space, and we’d be more than willing to make a recommendation of a capable and trustworthy alternative.


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