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Get more class bookings with less effort. Showcase your classes online and make registration easy for your participants.

Sm Class Registration Software

Save time, enroll more students, and fill your classes!

Looking for a class registration solution? Use RESMARK for Cooking classes, yoga and fitness classes, music classes, and more. Whether you offer classes to travelers in your area or need a registration solution for other scheduled classes, Resmark could be the perfect solution for you.

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Offer online registration from any device

  • Accept class bookings and registrations 24/7.
  • Students enroll from computers, tablets or phones. No app needed!
  • Collect any information you need with custom fields for each participant.
  • Get alerts for new bookings or view them real-time on your phone as they come in.
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Make payment easy

Automatically collect credit card payments with class registrations. Collect the full payment up front or collect an initial deposit with final payment later.

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Manage class limits

Never worry about having too many students in your class. Set your class limits in Resmark and your availability will be updated in real-time with each booking or registration.

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Customize pricing for classes

Price your classes with various price tiers based on age such as adult, child, or senior. You can also price classes according to custom criteria like the level of involvement in the class vs. a spectator only.

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Be less busy

Let Resmark handle the details. Built-in automation around every corner will free up your time so you can focus on what matters most.

  • Confirm each class booking with an automatic confirmation.
  • Auto reminders help you collect information from each participant.
  • Stop tracking down payments with easy auto remind, click, and pay.
  • Take your service up a notch with personalized class reminders.
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Showcase your service

Minutes after your class ends, Resmark will help you automatically collect reviews from each of your students. This will help you improve your reviews across Google, Yelp, Facebook, and more. And more reviews will generate more sales.

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Analyze your class bookings

  • See daily class registration volume
  • View your registrations by user
  • Easily see class payments - paid and overdue
  • Manage refunds for classes
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Book more than classes with Resmark

Do you also book tours, activities, events, or rentals? You can make things easier by using the Resmark registration system to book all your experiences.

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Class registration and booking system

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"Resmark Systems has given us the competitive advantage we need for booking tours at resorts throughout the Caribbean and through all other critical sales channels."


“Working with Resmark support has been phenomenal! If there is any one thing you should preach to every potential customer it is how great customer service is with Resmark.”

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"From generating new business on our website to booking reservations online, Resmark sells more than our top sales staff - and it's a lot less expensive!"

Frequently asked questions about class booking software

Can I collect names of all the participants joining my class?

Absolutely! You’ll simply set your class to collect data for all participants and Resmark will do the work to make sure each participant has entered the names of each participant prior to the start of your class.

Does Resmark allow me to collect detailed information for each participant in my class?

Yes. You can choose from several standard fields for each participant and even create your own custom fields. If you need detail about previous experience, allergies, or any other information, you can create a field to collect it.

Can Resmark handle bookings for classes that don’t occur on a regular schedule?

Yes! If you have a class that occurs on a random schedule or want to schedule and advertise classes on the fly, as your schedule allows, you can easily set up individual class dates and times and then allow them to be booked from your website or directly from Resmark.

Can Resmark facilitate registration for a class that will occur over multiple days?

Yes! For example, if your class starts on March 15 and then continues daily or weekly for a span of time, you’ll set up the start date of your class and can include a list of all the class dates in your confirmation.

We’re a Good Fit for Your Class Bookings If You’re...

  • Wanting participants to sign up for regularly scheduled classes
  • Offering daily, weekly, monthly or even multiple times per day
  • Needing custom class schedules
  • Setting a select number of spots or have unlimited availability

We’re Probably Not What You’re Looking for If...

  • Are a university, college or similar institution
  • Want to track attendance across a series of dates
  • Need to issue grades or manage assignments and test results
  • Maintain student profiles over periods of time